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Hello Lovelies,

So prior to Christmas I had my eyes on the Natural Eyes Eye Shadow from Too Faced -  But unfortunately it was sold out before christmas and I also missed out on it on Boxing Day as well. unfortunately because i live in Perth the only places to purchase Too faced is either from Mecca Maxima or online.

 So instead of crying I just bought some other things that were on sale on the Mecca website! whoops! 

This is the first time I've ever purchased from mecca or really purchased any makeup at all. But I did my research and watched a zillion youtube videos. So i thought id share what I got! 
PS. The packaging you get when you order online is so dreamy and comes in the most beautiful box ever... I've still got it!!

The Bright Side - 4 Piece Vivid Nail Collection 
RRP: $27.00
These colours are so amazing they require two coats to get full coverage but when a top coat is applied they last for ages! Love the colours so much, they are super bright and perfect for summer!

Candlelight Glow - Too Faced 
RRP: $44.00

Passport To Bronze Deluxe Bronzer & Flatbuki Brush Set - Too Faced 
RRP: $ 36.00
These are so amazing 2/3 of them smell exactly like chocolate omg! And the teddy bear flatbuki brush is the softest thing I've ever touched. 

I also recently managed to pickup the Natural Eyes Eye Shadow from the Mecca Maxima in Myer Perth City. As well as a melted liquified lipstick. So I'm super excited to try them out. 

Thanks for reading!
Kate x  

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