This is a little throwback well big throwback to July and August when my family and I went to Singapore for a holiday. It was such an amazing trip and experience, and a great chance to see another country. As this was my first international trip, i had a fabulous time in Singapore and even got to celebrate my 18th Birthday there. I also uploaded a montage style video of my trip, please check it out Here .

Day 1 in Singapore - Wednesday 27/7/16

I left Perth, Australia and headed to Singapore! This trip to Singapore was my first overseas trip and even though the flight was only about 6hrs, I did get a bit of flight sickness taking off and during the time we experienced some bad turbulence which wasn't very fun.

DAY 2 - 28/7/16

The morning started with a feast of delicious food at our hotel buffet which was amazing with so many different foods to choose from! We then started the day with some exploring/ wandering through Singapore's CBD. Spending numerous ours by the pool sipping in possibly the best chocolate milkshake ever and a burger (hands down the best burger in the world, with a price tag to match).

In the evening we explored chinatown and went on a trishaw ride through China Town & then to Clarke Quay were we went on a fari across the Singapore river, we got to watch and experience the Marina Bay Sands light show that is put on every night! Which was absoluelty amazing experience with lots of lights and music displays - would definitely recommend if you're heading to Singapore. We also found out that the same light show could be heard and seen from our hotel balcony which was wicked. The trishaw ride was pretty crazy since we were on these kind of bike things with a man peddling us across the roads.

DAY 3 - 29/7/16

On our third day in Singapore we went to Singapore Zoo to experience breakfast with the orangutans  which we thought would be the best part of the trip but sadly didn't live up to our expectations. The tour bus that we were set to get turned up very late to hotel, leaving us waiting for a long time - this left us with very minimum time to experience breakfast with the orangutans. We expected the breakfast to be a very intimate experience - up and close with the orangotangos but were left disappointed as close to 100 people were there and out table was possibly the furtherest away. The rest of the zoo was pretty good but we all definitely felt the heat which left us chilling out in the polar bear/ antarctic area. We spent the remaining time at the zoo sitting on the train that takes you around the park due to the very humid heat and the lack of excitement between us. My favourite part of the zoo was probably all of the plants & nature as well as the penguins as there enclosure/area they were in was so cold it was a great place to rest and they were also super cute.

After our heated zoo experience ( no pun intended ) we jumped into our hotel pool to cool off. where I consumed the most amazing pina colada as well as a strawberry milkshake and possibly another burger....mmmmm

During the evening we went on another tour to Gardens by The Bay which was pretty damn cool, There is numerous gardens and these cool solar powered sculpture like things that light up at night (8pm every night) for an extraordinary light show which involves songs in different languages and lights youtube video here . enjoyed the light show while eating ice cream!

Our tour then continued to the Marina Bay Sands sky deck, which involved waiting in a line for a lift for over an hour. After a very very long wait we got to see Singapore from a 360 degree view which was very lovely at especially at night. As we left we got to see the renowned Marina Bay Sands shopping mall which had every shop I couldn't afford such as Dolce Gabbana and Chanel *cries*. To finish off the night we watched a light/ visual water show outside of the marina bay sands.

DAY 4 - 30/7/16

On this day we had a tour planned, and headed to the singapore flyer to go on the flyer, a bumboat and experienced the fish spa. While waiting for our tours to commence we looked around the Singapore flyer and headed to a fish spa, were you put your feet in these tanks and the fish nibble at your feet and apparently eat the dead skin off your feet (ew). wouldn't recommend if you're are very ticklish like me.

Bumboat - the bumboat was a tour around singapore that was an old army boat thing that drives on land and also in water! The tour guide was very funny and made sure she spoke in english just for us. The Singapore flyer - the thing we spent the whole day waiting for, we got a whole pod to ourselves and got to witness and see lots of parts of Singapore, the view was stunning from every angle and it was a very nice place to relax.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and eating.

DAY 5 - 31/7/16

This day was spent exploring, shopping, eating and visiting the bird park. We watched an awesome show at the bird park which involved lots of different species of birds which was pretty cool - love the toucan! After the bird park we relaxed by the pool and got room service for dinner which was delicious. We also found the cutest money ever, that was chilling out and abled us to get some really clear shots of him.

DAY 6 - 1/8/16

We headed to universal studios on a Monday as we thought it would be quieter than the weekend, unfortunately a whole lot of people thought the exact same thing. Lines quickly reached the 2 hour mark and eventually a few rides were shut because the lines were to long. But I thoroughly enjoyed the bus ride to Sentosa Island where Universal was located, it was incredibly beautiful and was like nothing I had experienced before. We made our most of Universal and tried to stay positive even though lots of things closed. We did however get to see some cool shows, visit the gift shops, eat at an american style diner, see the different worlds, see the hollywood stars, the castle, get Starbucks and more!

The american style diner we went to even sold iced milo's! what?!  they had them absoluelty everywhere in Singapore (looks like theres a slight obsession) but gotta say aussies win! tasted like a water down milo which I'm not a fan of. As always we finished the day by our hotel pool sipping on mocktails.

Day 7 - last full day - 2/8/16

Our last full day in Singapore happened to be my 18th Birthday, which was a great place to be (much better than school) I had the most amazing day with my family and we went to Adventure Cove which is a waterpark on Sentosa Island. It was a great day where we were kept cool and refreshed because of all the water. We spent the whole day there and then finished the day with some birthday shopping and dinner.
Thank you for reading this very long post!
Kate x

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