On Tuesday the 4th of August 2015, my Mum and I went to see Olly Murs in concert. We bought two meet and greet tickets to see him in the flesh. The prices of the meet and great tickets weren't outrageous like other artists/ bands have, which was great since the experience was phenomenal!   

We had to arrive earlier at the venue for the meet and greet, so we got their around 5pm. Not long after waiting we changed location to just outside the meet and greet room. After we all lined up outside the meet and greet room they let about six people in to prepare for the meet and greet, we soon realised that Olly wasn't actually in the room yet. My Mum and I were second from the front of the line and we got to be the first people to see him, he looked us all in the eyes and smiled, he also said something like 'how are you all doing?' and ended it with 'loves'.

As the line got smaller we were ushered to go inside, we placed our bags on a small table and then moved into another small line, originally My Mum and I were going to get separate photos but I was too nervous to get one by myself. 

When it was our turn to meet and get a photo with Olly, he shook our hands and gave both of us a kiss on the cheek!! He also asked us how we were and from there it was kind of a blur. After getting two photos with Olly we headed for the door grabbing our bags and our tour souvenir (tour merchandise) we received a Olly Murs tote bag which has 'I hope you got what you came for' written on it and we also got a signed programme with heaps of photos and interviews Olly had done with others. 

After the meet and greet we headed back to the main foyer of the venue and got ourselves a drink, I had a hot chocolate and Mum had a coffee. We waited around for about an hour until the doors were open. Our seats were in the second row and in the middle block, we were nearly in line with his microphone stand! this was the closest we had ever been at a concert.  

The whole concert was absolutely amazing, Olly Murs is such an amazing performer as a whole, he dances, sings and he gets the audience involved. Throughout the concert he communicated with different people in the audience and made jokes about a girl wearing leopard print, he also told the audience how he's wanted to have an Australian girlfriend but not to tell his current girlfriend. In one of the videos I captured Olly singing into my lens, which is so beautiful to look back on. At the start of the concert I felt a bit bad for standing up since I'm 6ft tall but the people in front of me were and everyone around me had the option too so I put aside how I felt and partied like I had never before, Olly also said that he wanted everyone on their feet. During his song 'Wrapped up' he was dancing and moving around the stage when he stopped in front of me, looked me in the eyes and sang the line 'I've got the lock, you've got the key', There may have been a massive smile on my face.    

When the concert had ended Mum and I were leaving our seats my Mum managed to find the guitarist's guitar pick on the ground, which was such a lucky find. We also pulled a bit of fluorescent pink tape of the stage which said 'OLLY MURS'. 

It was such an amazing experience I will never forget! It was by far the best concert I have ever been too.
Kate xx

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